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Recensioni - cosa ne pensano gli altri?

I plantari appena sono stati registrati per poter essere venduto in Italia. Nel futuro quí troverá le oppinioni dei nostri clienti.

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"...I used to not be able to walk bare footed for even a few minutes, and walking up and down stairs was the worst discomfort.  I was introduced to my freedom at a nurses convention when I decided to invest in the foot correctors..." -M. Torres, LMT

"...I have never been able to walk without leaning to the right since my back injury in 1991.  I stand tall.  I feel like a new person.  Purchasing and wearing these orthotics has made an amazing change in my life and definitely improved my quality of life.  Today I tell everyone everywhere I go about these wonderful Step Forward Orthotics..." -C. Crowley

"...Thank you for your great product and your sales ability. It is very tough, I am sure, to make people like me convinced to change their ways and try your product. I am glad you did because I am much happier today because of you…" -M. Callahan

"...Not only do my feet always feel comfortable no matter what shoes I am wearing, but my back pain is nearly completely resolved and I feel so much better that I am now able to run several times a week with no foot or back discomfort whatsoever…" -R. Simans

"...I trust these products so much that every new patient that walks through my door and accepts corrective care is fitted for Shane’s STEP FORWARD orthotics…" -Dr. G. J. Barney, DC

"...Your orthotic has enabled me to give results to my patients they could have never realized previously. Specifically the Soft Step Orthotic, which neutralizes most postural abnormalities and balances the hips knees pelvis and spine to a proper biomechanical position…" -Dr. S. Jonas, DC

"...The first time I put pressure on a Step Forward orthotic, I got INSTANT relief from my foot pain. Within the first two hours of wearing it, it was comfortable to my foot. Now I am also noticing my back pain is beginning to decrease..." -G. Koshay-Bradford, RDHAP

"...Since I started using your product, my knee problems have all but vanished. My back problems are less apparent than they have been in years and my posture has improved tenfold. I am able to hike and enjoy the physical activities that were causing me pain in the past. Your inserts fit into any shoe and nobody knows that your wearing them…" -H. McVay

"...I attribute this improvement to the orthotics which are slowly realigning my spine and trunk from the ground up. I feel and look straighter when I stand and my feet feel more solid on the ground...” -B. McMenemin

"...Today, wearing the supports in my work shoes every day since I bought them, the bunion is gone and the hammertoe is much improved. A pain in the other knee, which had been diagnosed as mild arthritis, no longer troubles me as long as I wear the supports…” -F. Casey

"...before I met you, two different surgeons were proposing surgery to correct my painful foot problems. The supports have precluded that, and I have had no problems since buying them…” -G. Bloch

"...I’ve got to tell you that these supports are far superior to the supports that were supposedly "tailor-made” to fit me from my foot mold that was made…” -F. Teters

"...I would like to report my personal and professional satisfaction with the Alzner Foot Support. I find it to be superior to all others I have tested…” -Dr. M. Sansone, DC

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